Blend your entire family’s dreams into one glorious reality.


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Adventures On Site

Slide. Zip. Jump. Shoot. Ride. Swim. Fish. Tube. Climb. Bike. And that’s just for starters!

All your family favorites, designed better and more exciting than anything you’ve done before!

Sports enthusiasts in every league will revel in the unexpected challenge and sheer expanse of adventures on the magnificent premises.

With a free shuttle to take you all around the 5,000-acre resort, you can easily delight everyone, yourself included!

As a Kosher Springs guest, you’ll be entitled to a special All-Day Adventures Pass. 

There’s something magical about doing what you love as many times as you like- and the Adventure Pass gives you the freedom to do just that!

Our Adventures Pass is Just $13 for children ages 3-6 and $24 for ages 7 and up!


Greater Adventures On Site

Is there a favorite activity you rarely get a chance to savor? Or an experience you always secretly hoped to try? Here’s your chance give it a shot. As a Kosher Springs guest you are entitle to a special 20% discount on these attractions. (excluding arcades.)


All-Natural Activities

The spectacular mountains, trails and lakes offer abundant opportunity for natural adventure, all yours for the taking!


Area Attractions

If you wake up one morning hankering to explore beyond the resort grounds, you’ll find:

  • Scenic Hikes
  • Beautiful Waterfalls
  • Awesome White-Water Rafting
  • Award-Winning Architecture
  • Zoos
  • Animal Farms
  • And So Much More

Before you head out to these nearby attractions, ask us about discounts.


Go ahead. Pinch yourself. This is all real! Make your vacation happen.

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