Blend your entire family’s dreams into one glorious reality.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort, located in Pennsylvania's spectacular Laurel Highlands, features scenic trails, waterfalls, lakes and never-ending exhilarating activities. Kosher Springs is partnering with Seven Springs Mountain Resort, an acclaimed adventure retreat, and this incredible experience will finally be geared to your family!

For the first time this summer, dozens of their nicest condos on a cool mountain peak will be available exclusively for heimishe families, with all the amenities a frum traveler needs to have a hassle-free, affordable vacation.

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You will not be bored!

More than 25 super-exciting activities on premises, and a shuttle to get you around!

So while the little guys slide, paddle, or climb as much as they like and the teens do their extreme sports thing, a nap-needing parent can lounge on the mountaintop.

Live it up!

Adventures On Site Area Attractions


The place you stay has to feel like a treat.

Kosher Springs offers hi-end, immaculate condos with plenty of living space.

You get all the amenities of an established resort PLUS the placement and pricing that works for your family. What’s not to love?

Can I get details about the condos?


What’s for dinner?

It’ll be welcome news to you that Kosher Springs has upped the ante on kosher vacation meals, with great family-friendly pricing and menus.

You choose. Bring your own food, order in, or do both!

Get Shabbos meals and fresh, hot dinners delivered!